Since When is Management Consulting a Real Job? – Part II

By Gergely Lodinsky (management consultant for Accenture with over 3 years of experience) So you’ve already decided to apply for a role in management consulting but aren’t sure where or how to apply? This article aims to help

Can You help close the gender gap?

By Oana Emma Voinea ‘She’ leads to ‘We’: Can You help close the gender gap? It was Mahatma Ghandi who said “be the change you want to see in the world”, words that are often quoted and

Since When Is Management Consulting a Real Job? A Brief Overview in 2 Parts

By Gergely Lodinsky Never since the days of alchemy has a profession drawn as much fascination, mystery and, at times, derision as management consulting. “Since when is management consulting a real job?” asks a character in the popular

I Have the Right to be Silly!

By Nour Hamed At the moment I live in Williamsburg, Virginia (USA), a beautiful city that is always quiet and where nothing unusual ever happens. I have been here for six months and I have to admit

Nina Supports Education and Self-Development 

On December 22nd and 28th 2016, Nina participated in the educational program of the “Baghdad Women Association (BWA)”, an Iraqi NGO incorporated in Baghdad. The BWA’s mission is to reduce violence against women, and to support increasing the

Art For the Sake of Art

  BY UNS AL-SHABIB BABAN I was newly married so it was not that difficult to convince my husband to accompany me to a modern art exhibition back in Baghdad. I loved it all; especially one painting

Nina interviews Zain Duraie

“How painful for someone to not be able to read and write, being illiterate is a monster for anyone, and it broke my heart to see women still suffering from this.” Illiteracy can be a major impediment to female

Humanity, Antiquity, and Three Special Women

By Jane Moon Abstract History may seem to be about the deeds of men, with the role of women limited to domestic tasks and indirect influence. But sometimes we find women who played a special part in

Investing in Gender Equality for Growth

by Gabriela Ramos Chief of Staff and G20 Sherpa OECD Across the world women made great strides in their level of education over the past decades, and this helped increase their participation in the labour market. Nevertheless,

Iraq Progressing in a Difficult Climate

By Samar Rassam-Whitticombe, CEO of Somer Industrial Projects (SIP) Since my last article a couple of months ago, a few things have taken place such as the drop in oil price. This directly affects Iraq as an