WEEnable – Nina Reaches for the Sky with Faruk Mustafa Rasool

The Iraqi billionaire industrialist shares the secret of his success – Women’s Economic Empowerment! We had risen early and were driving from Erbil through the mountains to Suli, welcomed by a glorious dawn. I had arrived from

Oil and Gas Industry Insights

An introduction to our new columnist, Samar Rassam-Whitticombe I am the founder and director of Somer Industrial Project (SIP). I was born in Iraq and graduated from the University Of Technology with a BSc in control and system

Mobile Miracles

“By being better connected, women feel safer, find employment, start businesses, access banks, learn about market prices and altogether benefit socially and economically.” 
Cherie Blair Global research shows that access to mobile phones can provide new economic

Afren, supporting Kurdish Women NGOs in Bardarash

In November 2012 Afren fully furnished and equipped the Shazada Women’s Centre and the Kurdistan Women’s Union. Both centres are now furnished to accommodate sewing, language and IT classes, which are run by female volunteers. In order

A Woman in the World of Insurance

By Rina Amireh, Head of Employee Benefits Division at Anglo Arab Insurance Brokers (AAIB). As a young female, heading up the Employee Benefits Division at Anglo Arab Insurance Brokers (AAIB), a leading international insurance broker for post-conflict territories,

Financial Literacy

Although men are typically involved in public functions such as business and politics, women tend to be the strongest drivers of economic and social development. It is generally the husband, father, or brother who officially owns the

Inspiring the World, with Zaha Hadid

Dame Zaha Hadid, a self-professed world citizen, learned the art of nation-building in Iraq, a country that defines her past and will possibly come full circle, as a nation rebuilt, with her buildings as physical symbols of

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Nazahat

“I want the entire world to know what an Iraqi woman can do. I trust that I will change my life to be better than before.” Nazahat, a mother of five living in Baghdad, is one of

Women’s Economic Empowerment and Enterprise

Journalist Mustafa Saadoun focuses on Absence of legislation: key obstacle to women’s economic empowerment, with calls for activating small enterprise loans, in this, his first Dossier for Nina. Um Yaser, a 48-year old seamstress, stands at Baghdad

Asmahan’s Wish

Asmahan Nasir is a 30-year-old widow. She lives in Baghdad. Her husband was killed in 2009, so she spends her days searching for a business to set up to pay the monthly rental of $200 for just