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Embracing the Uphills

Embracing the Uphills By Dalia Kaikashraw Like most of the professionals around the world, I work 5 days a week and over 8 hours a day. Unlike most, instead of sleeping in on the weekends, my routine is

Hopscotch Heroes

This article has been first published at Hopscoth and is been republished with their consent… Hopscotch.ae was set up in April 2016 by Helen McGuire as the first platform to source flexible work for women in the


It gives me immense pleasure in announcing the appointment of Nina’s new Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Sandra Phelps. There is no doubt in my mind that Sandra will add tremendous value and will be a huge asset to Team

Recognising Yanar Mohammad on International Women’s Day.

By Simona Testa Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Nina recognises the important contribution of women to Iraqi progress throughout history and in the present

A Call for Protection over Patriarchy

By Tamanna Yasmin. The ISIS invasion and ensuing crisis has led to the displacement of millions and it is the women who are suffering the most. Women in Iraq are facing more turmoil than they have in many

“Women are the carriers of tradition, carriers of history, of culture” says Haifa Zangana in an exclusive interview with Nina

Iraqi women were once among the most progressive in the Middle East. Entering the workforce in the 1930s, they were supported by women’s magazines and many women’s organisations fighting for equal rights. In the late 50s, Iraq was

“Iraqi women way beyond their male counterparts,” says author of Upbeat, The Story of The National Youth Orchestra of Iraq.

Upbeat is a story of the creation of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq. The project, led by renowned Scottish conductor Paul MacAlindin, was spurred by an advert placed in the Glasgow Herald by a young Iraqi

Finding your voice: translating your business ideas into reality

By: Adesola Atanda I always reflect on a crucial moment during my childhood, a key moment that continues to challenge how I see myself in the world. It was a Sunday afternoon in Lagos, Nigeria. We just

My life as a girl in education: Learning equals power

By: Olivia (Lily) Campbell-Lamerton The more she knows, the more power she has. The more power she has, the more she can control. The more she can control, the more she becomes the master of her own

No Women Empowerment without Security

The Ongoing security challenges for Women in Iraq By Raya Abu Gulal, Lawyer and Co-Founder Women Lawyers Group-Middle East Women in Iraq continue to face growing security challenges due to structural changes within country, a general shift