Free coaching for Nina readers

Nina is grateful to have been gifted 3 hours every month of free coaching for its readers; please read below if you would like to benefit from this offer or to know why it is good to be

Finding your voice: translating your business ideas into reality

By: Adesola Atanda I always reflect on a crucial moment during my childhood, a key moment that continues to challenge how I see myself in the world. It was a Sunday afternoon in Lagos, Nigeria. We just

My experience as a Woman in Consulting

By: Alexandra Botescu Consulting is traditionally a male dominant profession. However, in the last few years we have seen a shift the industry. More and more women are applying to consulting firms and consulting firms are trying

We Need More Women in Tech

By Zara H. Ferjani Woman are increasingly making headway in leadership positions from business to law. One of the last areas that has come under the spotlight in recent years is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM).

‘A Moment in Time’ RIP Zaha Hadid

Nina’s Team and its publishers; the PSDC received the news of Zaha Haidd’s passing away with great sadness. Ms. Hadid was probably the greatest female architect in today’s world and as a tribute to her we are

Women in sport are changing the world: but the job’s not finished yet

By: Olivia (Lily) Campbell-Lamerton It is certainly not the political activist, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, the scientist or the Business woman who has changed the world any more than the female professional athlete. Female athletes, in

Empowering Women with Micro Finance: Evidence of Economic Development and Cultural Change from Bangladesh

By Nasheeta Sarwar In recent years, governmental and non-governmental organisations in many low income countries have introduced credit programs aimed at poverty reduction and alleviation. Many of these programs specifically target women in developing countries, based on

Since When is Management Consulting a Real Job? – Part II

By Gergely Lodinsky (management consultant for Accenture with over 3 years of experience) So you’ve already decided to apply for a role in management consulting but aren’t sure where or how to apply? This article aims to help

Can You help close the gender gap?

By Oana Emma Voinea ‘She’ leads to ‘We’: Can You help close the gender gap? It was Mahatma Ghandi who said “be the change you want to see in the world”, words that are often quoted and

Nina Supports Education and Self-Development 

On December 22nd and 28th 2016, Nina participated in the educational program of the “Baghdad Women Association (BWA)”, an Iraqi NGO incorporated in Baghdad. The BWA’s mission is to reduce violence against women, and to support increasing the