Your Iraq

The Bridge Children

By Nour Hamed Two years ago, I started my current job. To get there I have to cross the same bridge every day. That bridge is always crowded. Sometimes, it can take me up two hours to

The Burden of Memories

by Rami Mackie The stray thought came quickly. He didn’t understand the context, but knew this faded illusion, this fantasy needed to be caught. It was elusive and his mind was sluggish when compared to the immediacy

Who is right? – A Question of Religion

By Nour Hamed In our daily life, we often argue about simple stuff like the best food, the nicest color, the cutest haircut for the season, etc., or about complicated issues like the 2008 economic crisis or

Dear Nina, can you support a production about the problem for women after displacement in a theatrical performance?

Dear Nina,  We are a theatre group of displaced Christians from Nineveh, Mosul. Can you sponsor and support a production about the problem for women after displacement in a theatrical performance? Our goal is to put the

Passion for Fashion

 By Lamees Zwayne When I was asked to write for Nina a fashion article, I was initially hesitant because of all the current conflicts in Iraq. There were two things I could do; decline or communicate my

Land of Kedashen

Nina writer Norahyr, reflects on his first visit to Armenia. Of Armenian heritage and growing up in Baghdad, he now lives in the US. His writing will speak to anyone who has been dispossessed, and is also a poignant

I shall write a poem about the Arab displaced people

by: A displaced person I sent my soul to hover around my home As my steps were unable to reach there. I asked the house where I used to live: Do you still remember us? Or did

The Third Option

by Nour Hamed Life is all about making choices; choosing to live in your home country should be normal. If your home country is Iraq though, things look slightly different.  In a war-torn Iraq, the ‘normal’ is

Some personal thoughts… re our Kurdish warrior women

Dlawar Sofy Since the beginning of time women and mothers have held a place of utmost respect in the Kurdish community. Indeed, we know that both genders were essential to creating life on the earth; tempering riotous

The Dance of Friendship

  by Madeleine F White   The Dance of Friendship On the wings of friendship it is possible to fly In the heart of friendship it is possible to cry Wrapped in the arms of friendship it is