Mirvett Al Hussaini  – creating success from the rubble of chaos

by Abdulaziz Mohammed Yunus, Cairo Creating success when working within a supportive environment is to be admired; sustaining this success in an environment that seems to offer nothing but obstacles, is trailblazing ­- something that needs to

A Beginners Guide to the Stock Market, Part 2

By Guy  Norman I believe that stocks are the best tool for the long term investor. Investing is a completely democratic operation. Irrespective of gender, race of religion – as long as you have access to some

Health rights in Iraq for Women: Considerations and Consequences

Suaad Allami, a leading Iraqi women’s human rights lawyer, US State Department International Women of Courage Award Recipient 2009   and Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards winner 2014 shares key perspectives around barriers in terms of women’s healthcare from

The Dance of Friendship

  by Madeleine F White   The Dance of Friendship On the wings of friendship it is possible to fly In the heart of friendship it is possible to cry Wrapped in the arms of friendship it is

What I learned as an Iraqi woman on Int’l Women’s Day in Vienna

by Lemya “Frauen sind schön (women are beautiful!)!” A raucous voice drew my attention in the middle of St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom) Square in Vienna. I turned and, to my surprise, saw women from different organizations marching

Reforming Iraq’s National Grid – an expert opinion

by Dr. Basil Al-Fakhri, former Expert at Electricity Power Commission-IRAQ [1988-1989], consultant in Western power Utility, KBR consultant and SMEC consultant-Australia[2004-2012]. This feature is designed to be an evaluation of the power generation and delivery capacity of

Access to quality health care for women in Iraq

In the first of a series of articles around  the importance of addressing women’s health issues Hawra Abu Gulal, an Iraqi specialist in nutrition and public health, based in the UK, explores access to health for Iraq – set

Meet Ali Riaz…

My name is Ali Riaz Tayeh Shamari. I am a talented young Iraqi, nominated for best and youngest Arab actor in the world by the Arabs Group, the most important company sponsor Arab talent in the world

A message of hope and support from Suleimania on International Women’s Day 2015

Key stakeholders, including the Municipality of Suleimania, the University of Suleimania, Chamber Trade Sweden, Nina Magazine  and many others sent a strong message of collaboration and support to all Iraqi women on March 8th Women’s Day. A

Beginners Guide: How To Invest Your Money In Stocks – Part 1

By Guy  Norman I believe that stocks are the best tool for the long term investor. So, in a series of articles for Nina I hope to create an effective guide for those of you who are