Forever Young!- Spotlight on International Yoga Day

June 21st is the international day of Yoga and with the theme this year is Yoga at home and Yoga with family.

Due to the pandemic we are no longer able to go into the office, so we have to work from home en masse. After the pandemic, it may just be the new way we work, according to research carried out by Stanford University economist Nicolas Bloom, every employee that works from home saves the company an extra $ 2,000 per employee each year. In his study, the participants who worked from home showed 13% more productivity than those who came to the office: they started their working day earlier, took shorter breaks and could concentrate better. In short, there is a good chance that we will work at home more than ever after the pandemic. That will be better for many of us because we no longer have to keep in mind travel time and additionally, it has brought a sudden drop in carbon emissions as compared to this time last year, levels of pollution in cities like New York have reduced by nearly 50% because of measures taken to contain the virus.

And although that is a great benefit for our work/life balance, our body reacts less enthusiastically.

The big difference with working in the office is that you have suitable furniture to spend 6-8 hours  sitting. Our posture at home often leaves something to be desired. The dining table is just too high to work behind. As a result, you rest your arms on the table, putting stress on your shoulders and neck, overall the body proportions are in line. Also, a laptop is not designed to work on all day, so your screen should be placed slightly higher. Quick fix: Take a laptop stand, a separate keyboard and a mouse. Make sure the top edge of your screen is eye-level. That should already provide relief and a better posture. In addition, you can alternate sitting with standing. Your heart pumps ten times as much blood around your body if you work standing. What can also help is a wellness ball, so that you do stability and strength exercises at the same time when you work.

If working from home turns out to be the new normal, this is the perfect opportunity to start doing Yoga. In addition to keeping you flexible, yoga also puts your body in a state of rest and recovery. This stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, strengthening your immune system and lowering your blood pressure.

Feel inspired to fit some home workouts into a more remote lifestyle? There are plenty of great courses online, we at Team Nina highly recommend Yoga With Adriene

Lastly, tune in this Sunday for the 2020 United Nations virtual Yoga Event broadcasted on UNWEB TV.


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