About the Color Grey – some thoughts on the current situation

by Uns Baban

We should all accept people just the way they are”

About the Color Grey for Nina Magazine

About the Color Grey for Nina Magazine


Colors explain life well. As an architect, I see life through colors and textures more than others. Years ago, I was different. Ideas to me were either right or wrong, either white or black. The right was always my right… others must be wrong if they don’t accept it….. But I have changed drastically over the years and I’m proud of that.

The current situation in Iraq, the Middle East and t and all the misery has reminded me of it. I hoep you see the relevance also.


A few years ago, I read this letter in which the writer said that one of the reasons she loved the color grey was that, “it is the color of the sky when God was about to send the earth RAIN”.Being a rain lover who lives in a dry country, those words about grey and its relation with rain touched my heart. I started to look at the color differently.


To me, the color Grey represented pessimism, mourning and repentance. Grey was dull, boring and too conservative. It was the annoying color of my hair when I did not have the time to dye the roots, so bad for my moral.

Now, I look at grey from a whole new perspective. Grey is now considered one of the coolest colors. It’s invading all design territories. Elegant interiors boast grey as the base of their palate. Fashion designers are glorifying the color Grey. It is now classic, chic and refined.

Seriously, in my point of view now, Grey represents the area between black and white. It represents the open mind that does not insist on seeing matters as either right or wrong and nothing in between.


Over the years, my perception of life and the people around me has evolved and it continues to change. I used to see concepts in either black or white. Grey was an area where decisions were hazy. And I preferred strong opinions.

When I was a kid, the cinema played an important role in my life. The Hollywood films I saw portrayed people as either good guys or bad guys! Generally, you expected characters in the film to be either good or bad…The main actress had to be very beautiful. There was no compromise. If it was about a family the film would usually start with a perfectly happy one. Then something happens and everything turns upside down. If it was about war, one of the parties would be evil and the other would be good, as simple as that. Well maybe it’s the way I perceived it at the time.

But let’s take the Red Indians for instance. They were always portrayed as evil in old Hollywood… They would beat their drums, make that horrifying sound Hul lul lullo….and then attack and burn homes with innocent people inside… They killed the good guys, the ever so brave white guys. They even scalped them, men and women alike. Horrifying scenes, I hated Red Indians!

Now, when I look back at those films, I see that the world has changed…The movies are different and our minds are different. You cannot portray “Native Americans” as savage and blood thirsty any more. Can you even call them Red Indians? Eventually we have discovered that they may have hearts and minds just the way we do.

America’s single sided views had to yield to diversity. They had to yield to racial tolerance, equality of the sexes and “some more”. They are accepting people just the way they are. So, when the earth shakes in one part of the world, the TSUNAMI of tolerance may even hit our shores.

It looks like we should all accept people just the way they are. We are not perfect and nobody is. As somebody once said;

 “Tolerance is a secret and sacred way to enrich our human life.”


You see those words did not only change my mind about grey, they changed my perception of right and wrong. Because now I can see that answers are not always black or white. They are usually shades of grey. And as long as I accept ideas in shades of grey, I can think more openly. I don’t need to categorize people as with or against my way of thinking. I can tolerate other points of view and other cultures and certainly learn and benefit from them.

Now I love the color grey because it represents the Blessings of Rain, the Beauty in Design, and the Capacity of Love in Tolerance…

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