Nina magazine is a webportal and online magazine for Middle Eastern women everywhere. Designed to communicate and support women’s economic empowerment through powerful stories first-hand accounts and data, Nina aims to link the power and passion of local identity within a global footprint. Published by the Private Sector Development centre in Iraq, with support from the World Bank and Chamber Trade Sweden, Nina aims to make entrepreneurial success and labour market inclusion a tangible reality.

Team Nina is working collaboratively across the Middle East and many other countries. By working together we can catalyze opportunities for all of us. Nina is your place to be seen, heard and do business. By combining digital technology with the Heart of the Middle – East, Nina will be a homeland for Middle Eastern women everywhere.

This is a magazine for all of us and its needs you to help it come alive. Our topics are broad, including business showcases, women’s networks and even tenders and procurement opportunities as they emerge. www.nina-me.com embodies the spirit of enterprise and will be a place you can subscribe to the digital or the physical edition and start participating.

We showcase women as consumers of products such as insurance and finance. We deal with issues like barriers to growth and have powerful global voices such as Zaha Hadid offering inspiration, whilst Asmahan Nasir, a 30 year old widow shares with us the power of hope and endurance. The Nina Dossier tells the real story, whilst issue sponsors Afren explain how and why they are supporting women.

This is just the beginning. 2020 is Nina year and will uncover the power and the passion of women, recognising that we can contribute to the beating heart of Middle Eastern women’s growth and success.

“The value of the women’s market is being recognised as game changing in the global banking market….We are therefore delighted to offer our support for this pioneering project.”

Inez Murray, CEO for the Global Banking Alliance for Women