What is Nina?

Nina magazine is a new magazine and webportal for Iraqi women everywhere. Designed to communicate and support women’s economic empowerment through powerful stories first-hand accounts and data, Nina aims to link the power and passion of local identity to a global footprint.


Who reads Nina?

Nina is published in English and Arabic, and distributed throughout Iraq and globally via the internet. The estimated launch readership will be 50,000, based on 20,000 printed magazines being distributed in Iraq and digital distribution via the internet.

This magazine will target the special needs and interests of working women, reaching women executives and managers, as well as female entrepreneurs and thought leaders. There will be an aspirational focus, showcasing opportunity and ideas with an aim to incentivize Iraqi women in country to participate more fully in the labour market as entrepreneurs or employees. The magazine is age inclusive – however, it is expected that the main market will be aged between 22 to 55.


Who ‘owns’ Nina?

Nina is owned by all of us who believe in her values and ethos. However, Nina is published by the Private Sector Development centre in Iraq. The Private Sector Development Centre (PSDC) in Iraq is a locally registered civil society organization (NGO) with a mission to promote an inclusive and competitive Iraqi private sector through trust building, public-private dialogue, advocacy for economic reform and market-orientated activities with a key focus on WEE. As a lobbying organization it has instigated labour market reforms, as a partnership organization it supports the UN Global Compact in Iraq from a position on the consulters commission.


Who pays for Nina?

The cover price of Nina is $2.50.

It is possible to subscribe directly and thus purchase your own issue of Nina, to receive via digital download for $1 or as a printed magazine (rates vary).

Within Iraq the aim is for the end user to receive Nina free of charge. Universities, corporation and other organisations are able to purchase a minimum of 1000 magazines at a significantly reduced rate ($1.50/ magazine) to distribute for free to their work force and supply chain or students. They also support NGOs and community centres with free copies that are handed out.

It is also possible to bulk orders for individual groups or smaller organisations. If you wish to purchase a regular bulk order of Nina (20 + magazines internationally, or 50+ magazines in Iraq) please contact us directly (info@nina-iraq.com  ) as special rates will apply.


How is Nina Funded?

Nina is funded through philanthropic giving, international development funding (i.e. the World Bank have supported the first issue)  and advertising, sponsorship and distribution i.e Afren and Foras, Finance Interns. If you would like to contribute, please follow this link.


How is Nina Distributed?

Nina is distributed through Paid for Bulk Distribution and free distribution to NGOs and community Organisation. It is also distributed globally via this webportal. Find out more here.


How can I contribute?

Nina is a magazine for you and by you. A range of sections from Heart of Industry to Heart of Nina take you on a journey of discovery to powerful stories, exciting ideas and business tools that will help you to succeed. However, Nina is also about giving you the chance to have your say immediately. So if you have a story or  pictures to share or even a video that you think shows your world, Share Your Story allows you to upload your ideas and your work.


Need to know more:

Please contact us info@nina-iraq.com