Nina is has been created as a magazine and webportal, designed to reflect the heart of enterprise and the spirit of Iraq.  A team of experts, volunteers, non-members and staff have worked together to maintain the highest standards of respect, trust and integrity, heralding a new era in collaborative empowerment.


Team Nina

 Editor: Mehdi Shakarchi

Deputy Editor: Lemya Izzet

Additional Arabic Editing:  Mohammed Nihad

Editorial Executive: Sura Al Wukel


Social Media:

UK, Shams Al Shakarchi

Iraq, Naw Fal



Partnerships Executive: Nigar Ibrahim



All  features are credited at source


Additional Artwork:

Uns Baban, Ajwad al Shaik Hamad


Additional Photography:

Mustafa Saadun Karim, Duraid Ahmed


Branding: Huthyfa Abdul Zahra

Publishers: Private Sector Development Centre


Funding Support:

The World Bank Group, Chamber Trade Sweden


Art Direction and Design Partners: Brand One


Editorial Board:

 Nina is a mission driven project. Board members are passionate about enabling an economic ecosystem, with a vested interest in recognising women as core customers and business drivers.  Nina board members have understanding of the woman’s market in Iraq from both the local perspective and the global setting. The board is the overall  leadership team, leveraging the ability to contribute capital and funding along with expertise and understanding. The growth of the board is ongoing.

Khalid Mahdi (Chair, PSDC)

Charlotte Kalin (CEO Chamber Trade Sweden)

Stephen Rimmer (the World Bank Group)


Editorial Board Advisors:

Ahmad Abuljobain (Entrepreneur)

Baroness Elizabeth Symonds ( House of Lords, UK)

Zayneb Mahdi (Accenture)

Sana Bekki