Nina is written by and for its readers. Although supported by journalists and professionals, the power and the passion of the voices of men and women who believe that women’s economic empowerment is the most powerful tool for economic growth. Creating a forum for collaboration and a venue that connects people and ideas in Iraq as well as globally, is the driving force behind Nina.

Nina is published by the Private Sector Development centre in Iraq (PSDC) . The PSDC  is a locally registered civil society organization (NGO) with a mission to promote an inclusive and competitive Iraqi private sector through trust building, public-private dialogue, advocacy for economic reform and market-orientated activities with a key focus on WEE. As a lobbying organization it has instigated labour market reforms, as a partnership organization it supports the UN Global Compact in Iraq from a position on the consulters commission. Nina reflects the stated aims and goals of its publishers, working within the corporate philosophy of the PSDC.

For a full management overview please see Nina’s Executive Summary.