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Nineva defeating ISIS  - civilisation vs terrorism nina-iraq

Nineva defeating ISIS – civilisation vs terrorism

An Iraqi blogger got in touch with Nina Magazine in order to raise awareness for his work with Iraqi youth cartoonists through Daafish. They are particularly keen to get more young women involved in both submitting images and providing comment, but welcome submissions and comments from anyone with an opinion.

Daafish is an organisation that creates cartoons to help us all stand up against ISIS, counteracting dangerous ideology with irony. It publishes pictures that, although occasionally seen as controversial, challenge concepts ISIS tries to promote.  The page has been set up on Facebook and is designed to be without prejudice to any party, group, religion or organisation (other than ISIS of course!).

The page and idea is launched and run by a group of young volunteers from within Iraq, all images are also created by young Iraqis. They would like the cartoons they publish to be seen as a warning, whilst also being shared as symbols of freedom, counteracting the stranglehold ISIS is attempting to promote.

One of our favourites is this statue of Nineva defeating ISIS  – a comment on civilisation versus terrorism. To see other cartoons and submit your own go to the Daafish page.

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