Amina and Her Glass Slippers

By Dana Asady Just like most of us, I tend to spend a pretty decent time on Instagram art, celebrity and fashion pages. I like some, comment on some, save and mostly scroll through the rest. Scrolling through until

Monochromatic A-Z!

By Dana Asady- Hello my Nina’s fashionistas, I am hoping all of you are doing well, safe and still practicing social distancing, even though it’s driving all of us a bit crazy. Keep washing those hands and

Getting ready for the Runway

By Dana Asady : I was born and raised in Basra, Iraq and spent my early life in the city of love and poetry. During the hardship of the 8 years during the Iraqi/Iranian war, just like

Melad Hamed  – the Business of Fashion

Melad Hamed, is well-known in Iraq and across the Arab world as the cutting edge fashion designer with a heart of gold! In an interview with our reporter Lemya, Melad shared his rise to fame with Nina’s