Internships: From Education to Employment

Katie Ramsey, Director of FinanceInterns, a leading education and training company in the City of London shares her experience and perspectives. You’ve studied hard and achieved all you wished for from the world of education, and now

It’s All About Me!

Guest Editor, Mehrnaz Allawi I am Naz Allawi, wife and mother of two grown-up daughters. I live in London. “Empowerment for me has always been about having the confidence to be myself. I don’t apologise for who

A Woman in the World of Insurance

By Rina Amireh, Head of Employee Benefits Division at Anglo Arab Insurance Brokers (AAIB). As a young female, heading up the Employee Benefits Division at Anglo Arab Insurance Brokers (AAIB), a leading international insurance broker for post-conflict territories,

Financial Literacy

Although men are typically involved in public functions such as business and politics, women tend to be the strongest drivers of economic and social development. It is generally the husband, father, or brother who officially owns the