Optimism in the time of Coronavirus:

Fatin Taha Al-Jumaily is an Iraqi artist from Karbala and resides in the US where she studied  the art of painting at St. Catherine University in Minnesota. Faten has shown work in Minneapolis through IARP. Her work

Amina and Her Glass Slippers

By Dana Asady Just like most of us, I tend to spend a pretty decent time on Instagram art, celebrity and fashion pages. I like some, comment on some, save and mostly scroll through the rest. Scrolling through until

Ted Talk Speaker Maryam Sameer: Owner of the Future Writer, Master Journalism candidate of Iraq in the “Queen of Social Responsibility”

By Maryam Sameer- Social media has an important role in informing women of their issues and rights, and is rapidly becoming the primary source, outperforming traditional media in providing relevant information and knowledge.  Websites dedicated to social

The importance of Personal branding – Take charge and craft your image

Millions of young people in the Arab world are on the rise online. While platforms such as Twitter and Facebook appear to have reached their peak in Europe and the US, the number of Arab users on