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Forever Young!- Spotlight on International Yoga Day

June 21st is the international day of Yoga and with the theme this year is Yoga at home and Yoga with family. Due to the pandemic we are no longer able to go into the office, so we

Self-care: Just a fancy term or does it go beyond charging yourself?

What really makes me happy? This is not an easy, but it is a very essential question: Nowadays self-care is a buzzword, although it could just as well have been burn out. Because it seems that the

Women in Sport: Worth Making the Effort

By Karima Wood  In the past, sport was a leisure activity almost exclusively reserved for men but over the years, women have increasingly made their appearance in the world of sports. Today it seems that girls and

Looking good, Feeling great – with Maya Nassar

By Nynke Burggraaff Nina-Iraq recently sat down with Lebanese fitness star and business woman Maya Nassar to talk about what motivates her, how she stays in shape and what her advice is for Nina’s readers to get