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Surge of Domestic Violence against women during lock down

We have updated the article with a link to the Domestic Violence guide 2020, as we had many questions where to go to seek help. You will find every possible contact here and useful tips that will

How the COVID-19 Quarantine is Bringing Back My Experience as a Refugee

A Former Refugee from Iraq Shares Her Reflections on the Global Pandemic Photo by Levi Clancy on Unsplash Basma Alawee came to the U.S. as an Iraqi refugee in 2010. She is currently the Refugee Organizer with

June 20th- World Refugee Day

Saturday 20 June is World Refugee Day – the theme this year is that Every Action Counts. The COVID-19 pandemic and the recent anti-racism protests have shown us how desperately we need to fight for a world

Iraq embracing change amidst challenge

By Samar Rassam- Whitticombe: Dear All, wishing you all well in these challenging times. There has been quite a bit happening in Iraq over the past six months, so let me begin. Government appointments The Iraqi Prime