My Story

Tamara’s quest to support investment in Iraq

By Tamara Ra’ad Shaker: 1992 is the year I was born in Baghdad. I went to Al-Nahrain University, College of Business Economics in 2010 and by 2014 I had earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Investment

Getting ready for the Runway

By Dana Asady : I was born and raised in Basra, Iraq and spent my early life in the city of love and poetry. During the hardship of the 8 years during the Iraqi/Iranian war, just like

International Women’s Day from generation Z’s perspective

By Kay Gouw: As a young woman who forms part of the generation Z I have witnessed from an early age the rise in the discussion regarding womens’ position in society, I have been introduced to feminism

International Women’s Day 2020 by Zayneb

By Zayneb Mahdi- When I was asked to write an article for Nina, I thought it would be only fitting to write something within the context of International Women’s day. I started by thinking and researching inspirational