Dear Nina, can you support a production about the problem for women after displacement in a theatrical performance?

Dear Nina,

 We are a theatre group of displaced Christians from Nineveh, Mosul. Can you sponsor and support a production about the problem for women after displacement in a theatrical performance?

Theatre Group from Nineveh in Nina

Our goal is to put the problem of displacement into the open. Reflecting particularly the difficulties women face in the light of mass-displacement coupled with the economic crisis. By drawing awareness to this problem, we are aiming to inspire action and solutions.

We have a good track-record. Our theatre group was founded in 2002 by academics and enthusiasts of both sexes. For ten years we successfully performed our plays in the mainly Christian town Karamles 28 km east of Mosul. Highlights from 2012 include its participation in the Festival of Iraqi Children in Baghdad under the care of Dar Child Culture.

Further achievements include:

2013: Participation in the Festival of Baghdad the capital of Arab culture.

2014: Participation in the Festival Children’s Theatre in Karbala.

However, the ISIS invasion of  June 2014 has meant we are now displaced. Dealing with this and the impact it has on all of us and indeed the wider community has been the key theme of our work since. We have showcased this through our work by creating a number of social and traditional works including theatrical “Dream of Return”, which was staged with support from the Ministry of Culture. “A Tragedy of Displacement ” is another piece that was staged.Theatre Group Nineveh 3 in nina-iraq

As I said in my first sentence, we are keen to gain financial support and support in kind to help stage our next production.

Best wishes

Mr Qusay


Dear Mr Qusay,

Thank you so much for reaching out to Nina for help. Nina Magazine itself is looking for funding support at the moment, so can’t help directly, but we have made contact with several organisations to see if we can get you help. We hope though that by showcasing your request, other organisations may be inspired to help you.

Arabic speakers can get in touch with you directly I believe at +964 (0) 7707448078

And our social media volunteer who has supported this opportunity through Facebook is happy to forward any offers of support made in English; Nawfal can be contacted at

Good luck and please do let us know how you get on!

Best wishes,

Your Nina

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