How will we travel post-covid?

By Neda Dorudi- It’s been almost 3-4 months now since our new decade went into a hibernation called lockdown. At this moment in time the world is exposed to economic and social fragility, whilst we gather the fragments, and move into recovery mode, regrettably many people have been afflicted by Covid. Social media is sculpted into our modern day lives, and reaches a huge audience, with the power to influence the masses and win their consent, often manipulation can be used as an channel for political gain, global disinformation and fake news are a source of great worry. Freedom of speech is essential without a backlash. Check your facts, and establish the truth, don’t be swept away by fake stories. Every industry has been on hold, and is preparing for the word GO.

Airlines are using HEPA filtering on their aircrafts, with intense sanitising , to lure their customers back on board, and gain their confidence after all without their travellers where will they fly to? As the saying goes, “Come fly with me”. Whilst they parade their cabins, each boasting of being the cleanest to fly in, masks will be mandatory inflight on most carriers, except when eating and drinking, meals will not be served on short haul flights. It will be a novel experience. Some airlines are blocking their middle seats, but long term it won’t be sustainable. Their operations are slowly returning, but not to the capacity of pre Covid-19, and countries still have entry restrictions, which are gradually being lifted, however please do check individual country entry regulations, prior to making a reservation. The chances of finding some fabulous deals are out there, as bargains fly in the air, and hopes of journeys are near. If it is one thing the pandemic has taught us it is, that we are all part of a chain, and depend on one another, businesses seal their deal through their spending consumers, it’s an exchange mechanism, we exchange our cash for offers of travel, or a stay at a luxury hotel, a night out in a restaurant, enjoying the good food. That is how the world stays open for business. So the chain becomes a commercial community.

Hotels are also getting prepared to open up their doors in July, after making your reservation you may receive a pre arrival health questionnaire, and payment may be requested prior to arrival, but they will allow their guests a generous timeframe to cancel or rebook. Only card payments would most likely be acceptable and bills will be emailed. Their checking in procedure will be staggered in the afternoon enabling them to sanitise their rooms. Both Airlines, and Hotels, have carefully engineered their revival to rescue their battered industries and kick starting their operations.

Covid has had a ripple effect, but the doors are slowly creaking open. The marvel of travel, and excitement it creates will be on the move again. Now is the time for revival, and adapting to the post Covid environment, avoiding a reoccurrence, and another lockdown, is a feature we all need to embrace, or else we may fall into the trap of remembering the past through the prism of this moment.

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