Inner Peace – 4 Rules to help you find it!


Chawan, Miss Peace Kurdistan

Chawan, Miss Peace Kurdistan

My name is Chawan and I am I am Miss Peace Kurdistan. I live in Sulaimania in Iraqi Kurdistan. From childhood I have wished for nothing more than to live in peace in my country; but over the years this has developed into a strong desire to help create peace everywhere in the world.  I believe an external peace process starts with our own internal one first. Personal peace of mind is one of the crucial factors for driving strong communities and indeed peaceful nations. In this article I would like to share with you what I believe to be four golden rules for having peace of mind. I came across these some time ago and try to apply them to my life.

So, have you ever noticed that some people seem to go through life and are not disturbed by life’s challenges? I bet you are wondering how they are able to go through life and have joy and peace while on the other hand when other people are confronted with the same situation they complain and start coming apart at the seams.

As you can imagine, my work can be challenging and I discovered that having peace of mind myself is something that I have to work at on a daily basis. In this article, you will learn four things that you can do to go through life and have a peace of mind. 1. Have a Positive Attitude;  2. Celebrate You;        3. Relax  and finally 4. Be Solution Orientated


1. Have a Positive Attitude

The first rule to having peace of mind is you must have a positive attitude. Have you ever been around a negative person? Negative people are always stressed out because they are focused on ‘the wrong’ in every situation. When you are focused on ‘the wrong’ your emotions will reflect this. A negative person is often angry and sad all of the time. If you do not want to feel like this, you have to make a decision that you are going to be a positive person. This means seeing the good in all people and in every situation. This new mind-set does take practice, but when you are focused on the good in all people and every situation, your emotional response changes and you will be calm and peaceful.

2.  Celebrate You

The second way you can create peace of mind is by celebrating you. I think that a main reason why people are stressed is because they spend so much time making other people happy that they do not have time for themselves. Your inner peace needs  you to see yourself as the most important being in the world.  This is an exercise I do to help me, hopefully you will find it useful also:

Make a list of at least 25 things that you enjoy such as your favourite foods, best songs, television shows, books etc. Pick at least one thing from the list every day and make it happen as part of your everyday life. Make your favourite breakfast, listen to ‘your’ song while you are in your car, read a few chapters from your favourite book and so on.

3. Relax

The third rule to having joy and peace of mind is learning how to relax and enjoy life. Having peace of mind is the opposite of being uptight and taking life too seriously. If you are uptight all of the time, you risk being stressed out. You might like to try the following:

Sit in silence for about 15 minutes a day, take a walk, notice the world around you when you are driving – like flowers and greenery, count the stars in the sky, love and be loved.

4. Be Solution Orientated

I think it’s important when faced with a problem in life to find the solution instead of talking about your problems. When you are focused on the solution you will eliminate the stress factor because you are taking action to improve your situation.

I hope very much that you have found me sharing these things to be useful. For me they  have been a starting point as they have helped me be more effective in my work and life. I try to remember that life is full of challenges

but if I have the right attitude that support my peace of mind, I am much more likely to help create peace around me than if I am overwhelmed and stressed.


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