Internships: From Education to Employment

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Internships with Nina Magazine

Internships with Nina Magazine

Katie Ramsey, Director of FinanceInterns, a leading education and training company in the City of London shares her experience and perspectives.

You’ve studied hard and achieved all you wished for from the world of education, and now you have a particular career in mind. How do you go about transferring those grades into the first step of your career?

Have you considered an internship? 

Internships are a short period of employment, which enable a taster of a job and development of your resume. Roles can include taking on responsibility for fulfilling small tasks or general ‘work shadowing’ experiences, where positions are explained through watching professionals and learning from their actions. Remuneration varies significantly depending on a country’s labour laws and the industry sector in question.

Why be an intern? 

Good internship programmes can be a bridge between education and employment. Interns benefit from the chance to network and learn through experience, and from meeting people who might become future mentors. They offer flexibility in gaining experience whilst you study. Even if you feel a particular internship wasn’t for you, you’ve positively eliminated your options and can assess what roles may be a better fit.

Companies get a chance to develop talent pools of possible future hires. For small companies and charities, interns help in managing workload and promoting growth, giving a greater chance of hiring these young people full-time and boosting the economy.


“I was a marketing intern whilst at University. Having experienced the highs and lows of that particular industry and company, I realized Marketing was perfect for me but within a different sector. Having built-up my CV, I have now secured a Marketing role within the education sector and love it. My advice is: send out emails to possible companies and surf the Internet to search for roles you may be interested in. Leverage your University or school’s careers center.”
Emma Hedile Al-munshi

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