Iraq, March 3rd, 2015: Council of Ministers urges a quota of leadership positions for women

leadership quota for women nina-iraq

Iraqi Council of Ministries had held its ninth regular session for the year 2015 in Baghdad (Tuesday, March 3, 2015) under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al Abadi. The following decision was issued by the Council:
The Minister of State for Women’s Affairs made an emergency statement during the Council of Ministers ninth regular session held on 3rd of March 2015. Following this statement the Council of Ministers has decided to urge all ministries to  allocate a percentage of leadership positions at the level of director and above. Of course women must have the required functional representation and necessary qualifications to fill any relevant positions. These positions must also be available. Consistency  with reference to fulfilling justice and balance of nomination and allotment  of leadership positions is advocated.

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