The Iraqi Transnational Collective

itc logo 2The Iraqi Transnational Collective in London is launching itself as a newly formed inclusive organisation for young Iraqis of all backgrounds transnationally. The Collective will be hosting its first event on 28 June 2016 at the London School of Economics. The event focuses on Iraqi Women and the tensions they face ‘between home & diaspora.’ *To reserve a space free of charge please visit Eventbrite here:


Iraqi women’s voices transnationally are underrepresented and London hosts one of the largest Iraqi diaspora communities in the world. What role do Iraqi women in the UK have in contributing to the development of Iraq? How do they position themselves between both entities against the backdrop of ‘western feminism’? How do women living in Iraq perceive Iraqi women living in the UK?

Women were forced out of Iraq for a whole host of reasons, and we will hear each panelist explore the tensions surrounding life in ‘diaspora’ away from ‘home’ through the lens of poetry, storytelling, academia and journalism.

Join the newly formed London Branch of the Iraqi Transnational Collective for what promises to be an engaging and thought provoking evening and find out how to take action for a peaceful, prosperous, united and equal Iraq!

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