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Ali Riaz

My name is Ali Riaz Tayeh Shamari. I am a talented young Iraqi, nominated for best and youngest Arab actor in the world by the Arabs Group, the most important company sponsor Arab talent in the world in 2014.

I am 16 years old and was born in Baghdad. I am a member of the artistic and cultural section of a prestigious arts forum in Babil governorate,  and also a member of the National Centre for Voluntary Work.

I wanted to share some key achievements with you:

I represented the Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sports at an Arab Youth Festival in Alexandria, Egypt. Here I won the best stage actor award. Other international awards include  an acting shield from the Kingdom of Jordan.

I have been acting since 2005, when I was just six years old and have played many different roles in plays and events organised through schools competitions or indeed by the government. You might be interested to know, that throughout my career, whenever I have participated in any competition I have been placed in the top three. This includes the operettas organized by the Directorate of Youth and Sport of Babil in 2012.

I am very proud of my participation in the annual theatre festivals organized by Directorate of Csholl Activities in Babil. Here I managed to win three different awards (Best Director Award, Best Actor, and Most Promising Talent)

I am not just involved in acting. I like all areas of stagecraft, including lighting, music and film. To recognise my work in terms of acting and volunteering to help others learn, I received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the Minister of Youth and Sports of the Iraqi (Jassim Mohammed Jaafar).

If you would like to know more about me or my work, I would be happy to hear from you. You can contact me via my facebook page:

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