Microsoft’s Aspire Women – working with Universities Leaders of the Future

MSFT_logo_pngby Danka Mircevski

Where we as society stand is nowhere close to where we should be. The reality of things points out an important issue – the existing gender gap. This makes development of our communities stagnate or even worse, regress. Taking an action has become a must in changing the reality to transform the society. Microsoft Egypt YouthSpark together with Aspire Woman is taking a step of improvement – creating young women leaders of the future by providing needed skills and education to fill the gap between the formal education and the market needs ensuring their employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Started in Egypt, Aspire Woman is a regional initiative and is working with Nina to reach Iraqi women also. It delivers impact by creating young women leaders that will change the way society works and raise their voice letting their opinions be heard and their skills be respected.

Doha Mohammed Ahmed is a student of Future Academy. She has been part of Aspire Woman University program and has held a role of a University Club Leader. Through this experience she has grown, having been inspired by many individuals.

“As a participant in recent leadership training, I was asked to recall those in my life that I consider inspiring leaders. Most of women, young ladies and men that I thought of that point are individuals who I was blessed to meet or hear about at some if not many of Aspire Woman initiative’s events.”


So what this year has meant to her?

“I’m truly thankful to the initiative as I now have a lot of truthful memories to cherish for the rest of my life in addition to skills and new positive attitudes towards impactful change and development.”

Reach Aspire Women at, or through the Education pages at

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