Monochromatic A-Z!

By Dana Asady- Hello my Nina’s fashionistas, I am hoping all of you are doing well, safe and still practicing social distancing, even though it’s driving all of us a bit crazy. Keep washing those hands and stay inside!

Enough about self-quarantine! Let’s have some fun and talk about one of my favorite trends of all time, timeless ,easy and most of all unique.

Monochromatic, We see it in magazines, always bright and striking but somehow we have that voice of self-doubt “ you won’t look good in it “ , “ it’s only  for models” and the best of all “ this trend is not for my body type”

What would you say if i told you that most of us are probably monochromatic icons in one way or another! Hint; raise your eyebrow if you wore a black head to toe outfit at least twice last month. That’s Monochromatic my fellow fashion reader.

Now, take that idea and go take a peek into your closet, collect everything that belongs to the same color category ,layer it, belt it, add an outrageous shoe ,my go to is white ankle boots such as this gem from Steve Madden or these combat boots from Doc Martens  and voila, you are a 2020 monochromatic queen! Monochromatic layering is an easy look, it’s also a gift from the fashion gods to all of the anti-print and color-mixing folks out there. Plus, it can literally save you cash. Just color block your closet, grab and go. I might just have solved all of your fashion fears in one tip, you are welcome!

Here is some inspiration for you, take a look, get comfortable and try it. I believe in you!




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