Nina Editor Announcement

I have known Dr. Sandra Phelps for 10 years before she took on the Managing Editor role, and I am lucky to consider her as a friend. Unfortunately and due to changes in her career commitments she has decided to step down from her current role but will continue as an advisor.

It is not because of our friendship that I am writing this; it is because I admire, respect and look up to her. She is truly a subject matter expert when it comes to gender equality and all its related (and complicated) issues. What makes her excel in this field – in addition to her vast knowledge and experience – is her compassion and drive to achieve justice and equality globally.

Team Nina will miss her but are lucky to have had the pleasure of engaging her and are fortunate to have her remaining as an advisor and mentor to our newly appointed Editor-in-Chief, Karima Wood.

Karima is the newest member of Team Nina and has within a very short time on board increased the team’s momentum and energy level. Her level of enthusiasm and exciting new ideas makes us all very optimistic for Nina’s future.

Good luck to both of you with your new and exciting roles.

Khalid Mahdi


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