Nina enjoys a warm welcome at the Iraqi Cultural Centre In London

Sana Bekki presenting at the ICC

Sana Bekki presenting Nina Magazine at the ICC

Madeleine White and Sana Bekki were delighted to participate in two events held  by the Iraqi Cultural Centre on Saturday 18th October. Thanks to the kind invitation of Dr Aziz, President of the Iraqi Medical Society International, we were able to showcase Nina to a medical audience in the afternoon.  An event about Iraq’s cultural heritage allowed Nina to reach out to experts from many different fields of the UK base diaspora.

Delegates were able to enjoy copies of the first issue of Nina, whilst understanding that the next issue would be published early December. Particular highlights were meeting with Dr Saad Al-Fattal, who has shared many images of old Baghdad with us, reaching back into the 1960s and even to the turn of the century. Discussions on women’s health and our issue theme of Health and Well-being for issue 3 were also applauded.

Nina thanks the Iraqi Cultural Centre for its ongoing support and generosity.

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