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the next billion nina-iraq

Nina magazine is delighted to be participating in an international, precedent-setting conference, “The Next Billion: Women and the Economy of the Future.”

Held in Vancouver on 7th May, the aim is to find actionable initiatives able to rethink the role of women in the global economy.

This conference has been driven by Lisa Wolverton, co-owner of Wolverton Securities Ltd, a family-owned brokerage firm in Vancouver, Canada. “The Next Billion: Women and the Economy of the Future.”kicks of Women in the Economy Ltd;  creating a platform for global C-Suite-level business leaders to engage in a candid, results-oriented set of discussions that will focus not only on the challenges they face in today’s economy, but also on the sharing of practical approaches to these problems.  Attendees include representatives from the International Finance Co-operation ( part of the World Bank Group, and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), as well as United Nations Foundation and a variety of global corporations.

Lisa Wolverton in nina-iraq

Lisa Wolverton

Lisa has been delighted to welcome Nina into this solution orientated event and shares this statement:

“The Middle East is a great example of how transformative women can be; women drove change with their voices even though they have limited economic opportunities. For  countries that are trying to stabilize, a growing economy is critical, and a broad, diverse economy is even more critical. According to the Booz&Co report “Empowering the Third Billion,” if women’s employment levels were raised to that of males, it would increase the GDP of the United Arab Emirates by 12%, and Egypt by 34%. If you look at the potential positive economic impact of women’s participation in a country like Iraq, it’s staggering. The struggle will be the social and cultural barriers to economic participation.”

Although this is a strictly invitation only event, Lisa and the ‘next billion team’ are keen to welcome Nina readers. If you feel able to contribute to the discussion, please request an invitation.


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