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FEAR– that four little letter word, powerful enough to kill the initial excitement of a new idea, to fill us with self-doubt. The little voice that tells us we’re not good enough, it’s too late, we’re too old, we have no time, no one needs to hear my message, no one will buy into this new idea, everyone is going to laugh at me, they’re going to think I’m crazy…

If we allow these thoughts to take hold without challenge, they have the power to become beliefs which will govern our behavior, choices and decisions. A life led by fear, even if unconscious, will keep you stuck, preventing you from moving forward and living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Far too many people are stuck in unhappy careers, unfulfilled relationships and living lives which are wholly misaligned to their deepest hopes and desires. They choose to stay there for fear of trying something new, fear of failure, fear of judgement.

I want you to consider two questions;

What’s the worst that can happen?this question will help you dispel the reality of your fears, realise that it is simply a story in your head, and you are the creator of it.


What’s the best that can happen?  – this question will open you up to the possibilities and opportunities available to you and enable you to create a brand-new story.

How does fear play and show up in your life?

Most importantly, how do you show up on the face of fear? Do you allow yourself to be used by it – letting it control and dictate what you can or cannot do or are you able to notice it, recognise it and then put it aside and take control of your mindset?

Try this exercise:

Take inventory of your most recent big decisions. Go back and notice what role fear played in making that decision. Ask yourself:

  • What was my original desired outcome?
  • What was the higher intention of my desired outcome?
  • What thoughts and feelings were running through my head as I weighed up the options available to me? Were they positive or negative?
  • How did I feel after the decision? Did I play small in any way?
  • Did I serve my higher intention?
  • Can I go back and change the decision so that it serves my hopes and dreams?

What can you see here? What insights are you getting? What are you believing about yourself?

Learning to notice fear and stopping it in its tracks before it overwhelms is a very empowering tool.

Practises like meditation and mindfulness are perfect for increasing awareness and helping you notice fear.

Share your thoughts and ideas with others and take inspiration from different perspectives without compromising your values.

Work with a coach to help you shift your mindset.

Fear will not go away; it is a part of being human. How you respond to it will determine your outcomes. Recognise it, accept it and then use it to fuel your drive for accomplishing your goals.

Your past doesn’t define your future, your present choices will.

Share your thoughts with me on this and get a free coaching session with me – what are your fears? What impact are they having on your life? What are you doing to help yourself?

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