Nina’s Poem – Celebrating Nina 2, out December 5th

Nina-Iraq 2 English Cover

Nina-Iraq 2 English Cover

Nina’s poem was written by Editor in Chief Madeleine White  in order to celebrate a united vision of  Nina’s relevance and future.



Nina is timeless and placeless

But holds also the heart of Iraq,

A place for the woman who’s faceless

To discover that the world has her back.

A place for the woman who’s nameless

To discover that things she has done

Support the growth of a nation…

Part of a global web being spun.
By reflecting this voice in her pages

And valuing truth above all

Nina’s strength is the story of ages

With hope as a clarion call.

The voice of a nation united, that reflects both new and old ways

By lighting a path for tomorrow, Nina connects our todays.


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