Novelist Dr. Sanaa Al-Shalan enjoys a Prize Bonanza

You can write for too!

You can write for too!

2014 has been a great year for Jordanian novelist Dr. Sanaa Al-Shalan, and has seen her win three Arabic awards in different creative fields. Her short story Deepening in Hell gained her the first win;  at the Free Pen Award for Arab Creativeness. An original drama One Face for Two Raining Sides was recognised at the  Annual Literature Reward of Martyr Abdulrauof,  (Assembly of Poets, Intellectuals and Creators). Al-Shalan won her third award with a group of stories Happened Somewhere in Global Flash Fiction Reward (issued by the International Federation of Arab Poets and Creators).

Al-Shalan doesn’t shy away from challenging topics. Deepening in Hell encompasses a powerful anti-drugs message, especially amongst young people. Her drama One Face for Two Raining Sides, presents a dramatic fantasia of conflict between truth and lies within a deteriorating society. Finally her flash fiction stories explore the ugliness of human nature, whilst offering a powerful counterpoint through beauty and resilience.

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