Ted Talk Speaker Maryam Sameer: Owner of the Future Writer, Master Journalism candidate of Iraq in the “Queen of Social Responsibility”

By Maryam Sameer- Social media has an important role in informing women of their issues and rights, and is rapidly becoming the primary source, outperforming traditional media in providing relevant information and knowledge.  Websites dedicated to social networking have shown that they can provide an effective role in human development which in turn has helped push Iraqi women to challenge the customs and traditions that undermine their very status, and to work to change their feelings of inferiority as well as to publicize the truth about lack of rights.

While some more enlightened women aspire to achieve equality with men, fight against discrimination and strive to change society’s inferior view of them, we find others who go against these aspirations, who do not have the desire to keep pace with what women have reached in the world.

These differences reflect the extent of political and intellectual contradictions that Iraqi society lives in today.  The role of social networking sites and the development of the feminist movement in social sites has educated women.  There are grass roots movements which demand the independence of women and that they not be subject to historical, oppressive traditions.

When a girl is strong and demands her rights, she needs to start from the family. Encouragement from a supportive family is often the first step that allows girls to understand their right to be respected.  Such support emboldens young women, arming them with a sense of freedom and encouraging them to look to overcome societal problems and imbalances.

A perception still exists in less progressive countries that once a woman has equal rights then the natural order has been corrupted, education from the home to counter these attitudes and to make women aware of the difficulties that exist is important.

However social sites can help women to change in their psyche, make them stronger and do not accept submission must be backed up by a supportive family.  Family’s traditions must be challenged and, if necessary, changed to allow strong women to combat any deteriorating view of women in the eyes of society.

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