Optimism in the time of Coronavirus:

Fatin Taha Al-Jumaily is an Iraqi artist from Karbala and resides in the US where she studied  the art of painting at St. Catherine University in Minnesota. Faten has shown work in Minneapolis through IARP. Her work

Mothers in the workforce: Yes, we can! But not from 9 to 5……

By Karima Wood- It takes a village to raise a kid, whether you are a stay at home mum or like me trying to balance career, kids, household and husband. As an ambitious woman I don’t want

Successful Video Conferencing- Tips on today’s challenges with technology

Managing large meetings is an art. Via Zoom or any other Video Conferencing tool even more. Especially now in the time of lockdown. A quick watercooler moment of 10 minutes in the office is converted to 60

Amina and Her Glass Slippers

By Dana Asady Just like most of us, I tend to spend a pretty decent time on Instagram art, celebrity and fashion pages. I like some, comment on some, save and mostly scroll through the rest. Scrolling through until