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My Little Candle Flame

My Little Candle Flame

I Want – October 2014

I want to drown in their laughter

I want their kisses to smother me
I want their tears to stab me
I want their smiles to pierce me
Whilst the memory of their sweet –smelling skin lacerates mine

And when I leave in the morning I need to tell myself that it’s not a long time
till I see them again.

My Little Candle Flame – Erin and me, Feb 2012
(From a Daughter to her Mother on Mothering Sunday)

My little candle flame so soft and sweet,
My little candle flame gently quivers to the beat.
This little flame so delicate and gentle
As a little raindrop in no rage.
My little candle flame as movement touches
My little candle flame as things get tough.

With a little excitement, with sadness too,
This little light keeps shining on you.
With carelessness and caring
With being sensible and daring
Don’t go wandering into the wilderness with temptation too.

My Little Candle Flame
(From a Mother to her Daughter in reply)

My little candle flame was very, very small,
My little candle flame was hardly there at all.
The wilderness had got too wild
Temptation ran too deep,
But your little candle flame stopped mine from going to sleep.
That and God’s love and our family
Gave me the strength to try to fight free.

God said just call and you shall be healed
And light will blaze over all that once was concealed.
Your little candle flame kept me alight
It stopped mine from going into the night.

So keep blazing my darling with joy, hope and love
And your little candle flame will stay lit from above.

All poems © A Working Mum

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