How do you see your Future Environment?

Muna Hamdi in nina-iraq

Muna Hamdi

Iraqi Intelligent Systems Engineer Muna Hamdi  wants Nina readers to participate in discussions around how we want our future environment to develop. Muna launched IMobility: Future Vision’ in 2009; membership is now in the thousands and spans the globe. A founding member of Iraq’s Electronics and Computers Research Centre/Scientific Research Council, Muna believes the implementation of smart cities and seamless transport systems policy is a unique opportunity for the Arab region, supporting not just the physical environment, but also directly leading to greater inclusion, regeneration and opportunity. The imFV is an international independent discussion group (virtual centre) for multidisciplinary free thinkers from research, governmental and industrial communities; to influence change by thinking beyond the horizon of the current constraints in technology and innovation. Interested? Get involved on

See link below for further details.

iMFV in the Arab Region Broadsheet MH rev2

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