We are delighted you wish to purchase a Nina Empowerment pack. Nina is about creating a voice and place of contact for Iraqi women everywhere. For this reason we do not wish to restrict access to the valuable content and ideas shared by the Nina community through the magazine or indeed the website. However, your purchase of the Empowerment Pack means that you get a little bit of Nina that is yours to keep.
By subscribing to this digital Empowerment Pack for just $1 you become a shareholder in the power and the passion that is Nina. You can rest assured in the knowledge that each $ you contribute goes directly towards creating and printing magazines that will reach women in Iraq for free. Your $ also supports the engine of Nina – the mechanism that links international opportunities to local voices – in print, online and in person.
The Empowerment Pack allows you to become part of Nina – the $1 you pay for your download links a small financial contribution to the big picture, one that allows your individual stories of strength and hope to transcend national boundaries. (You receive a downloadable version of High resolution quality Nina Magazine, as opposed to access to the free viewer).

You get:

  • A downloadable version of Nina, so you can enjoy Nina when you’re on the go.
  • Nina Empowerment Pack reader offers, by suppliers and women owned businesses
  • The knowledge that you are personally making a difference by giving a voice, strength and inspiration to women who would benefit most.

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Other Subscription Options

Get a copy of Nina delivered to your door
Just $30 buys you an annual subscription to Nina, the printed magazine. As Nina is quarterly, this means we will deliver 3 copies to your door. This includes postage and packing wherever you are. Each hard copy subscription you buy will be mirrored by a free magazine going to a woman in Iraq. If you wish to, you can nominate the recipient, or allow us to fulfil this promise through our bulk distribution mechanism, working with NGO organisations such as Iraq’s Women’s Empowerment Organisation (WEO) network.

Bulk Orders
If you wish to purchase a regular bulk order of Nina (20 + magazines internationally, or 50+ magazines in Iraq) please contact us directly as special rates will apply.

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