Nina is the a new magazine and web portal for Iraqi women everywhere. It is a compelling media destination  that  connects individuals, communities and organizations around women’s economic empowerment.

  • Nina targets the special needs and interests of working women, reaching women executives and managers, as well as female entrepreneurs and thought leaders with an aspirational focus. The magazine is age inclusive however, it is expected that the main market will be aged 22 – 55.
  • Nina recognises the importance of women as consumers whose lifestyles, careers, attitudes and priorities have evolved with the world around them. . The women’s market is growth area for consumer goods and services in Iraq. Nina is a meeting point for tradition, innovation and ideas and so creates a powerful forum in Iraq and within a receptive diaspora to reach successful Iraqi women across the world.
  • Nina is distributing 20,000 hard copies of Nina across Iraq. Digital distribution is expected to bring the total readership up to 50,000 for the first issue.

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