Sweden celebrates Nina Magazine, 19th May

With a great approach to free trade and a high concentration of Iraqi diaspora, Sweden welcomed the launch of a new women’s economic empowerment magazine at Chamber Trade Sweden’s headquarter’s in Stockholm on Monday. Designed to harness the desire of the 5 million + diaspora to connect around business opportunity and shared heritage, the launch of Nina in Sweden encourages shared entrepreneurial and professional experience with Iraqis living in country.

The London launch event connected the world of British politics and business into the world of the Iraqi diaspora, with women of Iraqi heritage attending form the UK and other countries across the world. The Swedish launch, organised by Chamber Trade Sweden, was about creating the third point of the triangle. Creating the start of a powerful business network based on opportunities and collaboration between Iraq, the UK and Sweden. Attended by members of the Iraqi diaspora in Sweden, as well leaders of Chambers of Trade form across Sweden, the launch was supported by Minister of Trade Ewa Björling, who praised the toughness and creativity of the Iraqi people and welcomed Nina Magazine.

Nina Magazine launching in Sweden

Nina Magazine launching in Sweden

Said Madeleine White:

“Nina is about real stories by real people. Every member of the Iraqi diaspora has a story to tell that is able to reach into the heart of others. In this way Nina helps to underpin trade-links with communication, using tools of media and technology to facilitate global understanding. This helps to create a powerful ecosystem in which women can thrive and mirrors the aims of many forward thinking chambers of trade and is why Chamber Trade Sweden and Nina Magazine are perfect partners.

Women such as Nesrin Rahbi a wedding planner has been so successful in Sweden that’s she is now launching her business back in her native Iraq also – this is the kind of success story Nina will be delighted to share.”

Says Charlotte Kalin, Chamber Trade CEO

 “We are delighted to welcome so many visitors to this Nina launch. This launch event is a great finale to a day that has been devoted to creating international tradelinks between Swedish Chambers and the rest of the world.

The Iraqi diaspora forms 1.5 % of its population as such we are delighted to be supporting a magazine that celebrates the power and the passion of women of Iraqi heritage in Sweden and indeed everywhere.”

The launch event also saw Iraq Business Council in Jordan representative Uns Baban announcing the support of the IBC for Nina. Jordanian participation will kick off with issue two, and will culminate in a launch event in Jordan in early October.

Nina, the heart of Iraq the Spirit of Enterprise, is a catalyst for change as it harnesses the power and the passion of Iraqi women to create global opportunities based on a connected heritage.

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