Tamara’s quest to support investment in Iraq

By Tamara Ra’ad Shaker: 1992 is the year I was born in Baghdad. I went to Al-Nahrain University, College of Business Economics in 2010 and by 2014 I had earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Investment Management. I decided to continue onto higher education and study for my master’s degree in Economic Sciences and Investment Management in 2018, and it has been almost a year since I started working for the banking sector.  I have chosen to develop myself personally by reading scientific and economic books, as well as stories of success, self-development, creation and finding solutions.

My purpose is to devote my life to the unceasing quest for knowledge and skills enhancement within my purview, building on the talents that I was given by birth, adding to this my determination to start my own project.

A thought about writing a book that tackles small and mid-sized enterprises came to me while I was writing my master’s degree thesis. I looked and found that the small and mid-sized enterprises play a major role in the achievement of sustainable development goals which helps decrease the rate of unemployment and poverty, so I tried to dig deeper into the details researching a variety of literary information. I managed to collect enough data to study the start-up of small and mid-sized enterprises after 2003.

In 2019, I was the first to bring the Swedish SeedStars company in Iraq in cooperation with the central bank in support of investment of small and young enterprises.

My advice to every woman is to keep enhancing mindset and skills, as well as paying attention to education because a degree will be one of the greatest achievements of any person’s life. Try to make and do things that interest you and remember that life isn’t only about starting a family. Know that nothing is impossible.

Drawing is one of my hobbies, I had it as a talent since I was a kid, and still I am practicing it:

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