The Dance of Friendship


The Dance of Friendship nina-iraq

The Dance of Friendship

by Madeleine F White


The Dance of Friendship

On the wings of friendship it is possible to fly

In the heart of friendship it is possible to cry

Wrapped in the arms of friendship it is our destiny to try.


To try again in failure and try again in pain –

Even though our battered souls don’t want to try again.



Because you and I are on that shore,

Where only some have been before.

Our feet tapping

Our hands clapping

In time with the rushing and crashing of the sea,

Coloured skirts twirling and whirling –

That is our immediacy.


A part of us remains there

Dancing in that sunshine, beyond time.

And the sandy footprints of that dance

Make their way into our reality today

Giving us the strength to try, survive and thrive now and always.


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