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Nina’s aims are simple:

  • Nina is a new magazine and web portal for Iraqi women everywhere. By sharing experiences, strength and hope in print and online Nina creates a forum for the voices -and a vehicle for the opportunities that are at the heart of business success.
  • Nina targets the special needs and interests of working women, reaching women executives and managers, as well as female entrepreneurs and thought leaders with an aspirational focus. The magazine is age inclusive however, it is expected that the main market will be aged 22 – 55.
  • Nina recognises the importance of women as consumers. The women’s market is growth area for consumer goods and services in Iraq. Nina is a meeting point for tradition, innovation and ideas and so creates a powerful forum in Iraq and within a receptive diaspora to reach successful Iraqi women across the world.

However, in order to realise these aims we need your help:

  • Distribution: Bulk buying of the magazines for workforces or even a customer base will be intrinsic to contributing to the success of this project. We also want to hear from you if you have links to an NGO, or community centres in country. Cost is $1.50 per magazine in bulk, minimum order 1000.  Distribution Form
  • Editorial: This magazine depends on contributions from Iraqi women and the men that matter to them. We are looking for personal experiences around life and business successes from different industries and perspectives as well as knowledge share. Together/Contribute Form
  • Advertising: Advertise your product or service to an important women’s market in Iraq and across the world. You can link your CSR budget to a marketing budget to make a really powerful impact on your bottom line. Visit this link for further information and our rate card.
  • Sustainability: This magazine will depend upon philanthropy, corporate social responsibility.

Contact details:

We’d love to hear your ideas and how we can include your contributions. Please contact for further details.

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