Many different studies have identified that creating educational relevance and access to quality education for women (and indeed all sectors of society) is crucial if nations are to realize their full economic potential.

It is the aim of Nina to be a hub; linking  organisations, businesses and NGOs around a holistic approach – supporting individual aspiration to create opportunity and thus build capacity. Nina aims to do this around the following three themes:

  • Educational Technology

Educational technology is able to create scale and ensure quality, in a way that is inclusive. It supports individualised learning and co-creation while bypassing issues of physical and mental discrimination, low self-worth and low expectations.

  • Learning together

Families need to learn and share together.  Therefore, as part of a family education it is important to ensure that both the parents as well as our nation builders of the future get the support they need. This works towards inclusive economic growth within the principles of a civil society.

  • Global Citizenship and CSR

Aspire Woman has been created by Microsoft Egypt to support its global citizenship initiatives. Nina believes Corporate Social Responsibility has a key role to play in linking the private sector to relevant education and educational tools, building employees with the right skills as well as a strong supply chain.



Nina’s approach to learning has been categorized to aid understanding and navigation:



1. Mentoring Support

Mentoring can transform lives. In our rapidly changing world, sharing an empowered relationship can support personal evolution – as a mentee or indeed mentor. Nina is therefore delighted to bring you the Aspire Woman mentoring programme.  This new mentoring platform links technology into positive human interaction. This means that physical and cultural distances are bridged, enabling women from across the region (and indeed the world) to come together to change lives. You confirm whether you want to be mentored or whether you want to be the mentor. This online platform then goes through your registration details and matches you to someone who meets needs in terms of skill-set, specialty and experience as well as geography (should you want to meet in person).

Register here  to empower your life.



2. Life-Long Learning

Working with the Microsoft Masr Tamal online learning portal, Nina is delighted to give you access to over 400 FREE online courses. These resources, relevant to both entrepreneurs and those in employment, offer anything from English Language and IT skills, to digital literacy. Build Your Business and Diploma courses are also offered.

Start learning here.



3. Schools and Families

Oddizzi (,) is an online service dedicated to stimulation 4-11 year olds with high quality tools and materials that build knowledge, and a true global perspective – leading to young people who have an understanding of the world and their role in it. Children in many different countries use Oddizzi to learn and connect with each other via the ClassPals service. Oddizzi serves schools across the world with fascinating, current material that integrates world perspectives and languages into a primary and pre-primary curriculum. Parts of the site can be accessed for free and to celebrate Nina’s launch Oddizzi will provide a term’s free access for schools in Iraq, or those serving significant number of the Iraqi diaspora within their communities.


If you have a learning resource you would like to share please get in touch with us,