Top Business Tips for 2015 – by Lara Morgan, millionaire investor, wife and mother

Lara Morgan in Nina-iraq

Lara Morgan

Lara Morgan knows a thing or two about doing business globally and we at Nina-iraq are delighted she is sharing her top 10 business resolutions with us this January!

At the age of 23, Lara started her first business, Pacific Direct, manufacturing and selling brand licensed toiletries to the hospitality industry across the World.

After selling her majority share in Pacific Direct for £20 million in 2008, Lara Morgan is now Chairman of a variety of companies, including Company Shortcuts – a consultancy dedicated to excellence in sales and leadership. Company Shortcuts offer innovative products, services and exciting events that have already inspired hundreds of ambitious business leaders to achieve accelerated growth.

Lara has a particular fondness for the Middle East having started working across all the Gulf States other than KSA at just 21. She shares that the region allows you to have a go – no one is holding you back or telling you that you are breaking the rules. Her early success and very positive experiences there, means that she will always look upon the Middle East with a fondness.

Here she shares her ten 2015 Business Resolutions with Nina – for anyone looking to accelerate their business growth.

1. Misery day once a Month (looking hard at finances, calling the bank, knowing debtors and creditors …)  – Great companies are managed by solid knowledge of the numbers combined with a genius following of your gut feel. It matters not at all what shape, size or offers you make when made in good spirits with enthusiasm and sincerity. Do not over promise and under deliver and always know where your cash is.

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Sell Every Day!

2.   Sell every day to someone new EVERYDAY

3.   Keep on top of prospects

4.   Order everything you do in priority of what makes profit

5.   Look after the existing paying customer first always

6.   Look after the team that work with you before the customer

7.   Every role must have a Key Performance Indicator and reward linked pay to performance – bonus always where possible and surprise your team when there is any chance to celebrate

8.   Educate yourself to lead by example and insist in continual progression as part of everything your company offers, learns, delivers and share learning from progressive mistakes

9.   Customer centric attitudes grow companies combined with a consistent approach to all involved – evolve but stick to the knitting saying NO to lots more. Hunt out the right customers, being braver, asking the right questions and always aiming higher than your wildest dreams

10.Find a moment of peace, a time to reflect ON your business regularly – carrying a check list always of how to maximize every part of the machine


Lara leaves us with a final thought and challenge:

“I only hope that the ladies of the Middle East recognize that it is up to them to drive for change, up to them to be brave enough to represent themselves and their brands and that being non-conformist (sometimes standout) can be the most positive thing for your business. I am certain being a young, English women selling in Qatar was a unique and memorable experience as much for the buyer as it was for me, the seller.  Have a go – you have much to gain and little to lose.”

For more information about Lara and Company Shortcuts, visit: companyshortcuts.comYou can contact Lara @IamLaraMorgan

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