Transition Announcement

Nina Magazine’s Co-founder and Editor in Chief Madeleine White, will be transitioning from her current operational role in Nina-Iraq, to support community and communications based Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) projects in Africa and India.

In Madeleine’s words,

“Team Nina have been the most committed and passionate people to work with. Building Nina-Iraq into a thriving community has been the result of a collaborative effort involving the PSDC, Chamber Trade Sweden, Sida, the World Bank Group as well as a great number of others stakeholders. Afren, Asiacell, Benefacto, the Iraq Business News and Microsoft, to name but a few, have worked with us as advertisers and strategic partners. Their commitment, coupled with that of Team Nina volunteers and board members, has meant that people from all walks of life have had a global platform through which to share experience strength and hope. I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to work with a body of people who have given so generously of their time and resources to help us make a difference in Iraq.

Particular thanks also goes to the Lemya Ayub, for her pro bono support, bringing an authenticity of spirit and the Iraqi soul into Nina-Iraq.  Feed-back has shown us that we are achieving great results supporting women entrepreneurs’ confidence, capability and capital. Eighteen months into Nina-Iraq as operational lead, I feel it is now time to take up a new challenge, one that in many ways flows directly from the work we started with Nina-Iraq. I am delighted to be able to continue to work on gender in my new projects with organisations such as Chamber Trade Sweden who I met through Nina-Iraq.

Co-founder and Nina-Iraq board chair Khalid Mahdi said:

“When we tasked Madeleine to start a bilingual women economic empowerment magazine and web-portal some two years ago I knew how tough the challenge would be; considering the limited resources that were available. If it had not been for the World Bank and particularly the PSD team in Baghdad we would not have been able to kick-start this project. When I look at Nina now, a well known, much respected and appreciated publication touching the lives of thousands of women, I am truly delighted by our success. By raising women’s awareness about important matters related to their business or their career prospects we have shown that there are always other options. Indeed, we know that the shared experiences that have been created through Nina have had a big impact.

Madeleine will transition formally over this September, and I will support operations on an interim basis while the Editor-in-Chief vacancy for Iraq is filled.”

Going forward the board of Nina is looking at finding potential partners to develop Nina in Iraq and also expand Nina’s outreach into a broader concept for the MENA region.  Please join us in wishing Madeleine all the best. You can follow Madeleine on Twitter at @madeleinefwhite or reach her via our info Email address,

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