Underage Marriage and how I fight against it through my Art!

Irai Artist Baraa Al-Zubaidi in nina-iraq

Artist Baraa Al-zubaidi

My name is Baraa Alzubaidi from Baghdad. I started my career when I was 16 as a writer in the Arab Cultural Centre in Jordan, writing about the issues around women rights. I also wrote about the rights of Iraqi women who encountered, and are indeed still living through, the difficult circumstances caused by consecutive wars.I also love to paint and consider painting to be a direct message to the world. II can address the issues I write about by representing them in paintings.

In some of my art I dealt with the issue of underage marriage. This growing social trend violates the rights of childhood and laws surrounding the protection of the most vulnerable of us. Whilst marriage should be a celebration of the sacred relationship between a man and a woman, underage marriage is something else entirely. A phenomenon resulting from  poverty, ignorance and worn-out traditions, this kind of marriage is a parody of what we hold most dear. It should also be noted that it usually ends in divorce; with the trail of destruction left in its wake encompassing physical and mental damage to the underage girl which, can and does, sometimes lead  to suicide.

This is a direct call to fight this phenomenon which does not belong to the Arab and Islamic society. It is a call to preserve the rights of women who form half of our society.

The next phase of work I am preparing will  focus on the issue of violence against women.

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